December 30, 2018 - 01:20 AM


Pro services in Dubai includes the following Trade License renewal and Registration Visa process and renewals Government liaison Attestation of documents Documentation in Dubai municipality and chamber of commerce PRO Services to Immigration and labor UAE Company Formation(Mainland, Freezone, Offshore) Proprietorship Formation DANBURITE CORPORATE is committed to provide a complete range of plans and solutions for business startups and management in Dubai and across UAE. We offer all the services related to setting up and running of business in Dubai. We offer all kind of solutions to individual, corporate and families. The retainer engagement with companies enable them to avail end to end service to all including staff and their family. The packages are completely customized to suit the purpose of each company. The labor and immigration services that we offer adheres to the principles and rules arranged by completely different emirates and within the case of expatriates the pro service in Dubai that we offer helps them with all the work formalities while not having to travel to the immigration office and represent hours to induce the formalities done. When it involves corporate Support Services, the authentication and seal method is sort of high. The list of services that we offer includes license renewal and amendments, corporate banking processes, chamber of commerce certificate, labor and immigration registration and address (P.O.Box Registration and Renewal), company rubber stamp fixing and different services to assist a corporate foreign company set up in Dubai and different emirates.

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December 11, 2018 - 03:35 AM


Every business needs pro or public relations Officer. They handles all types of documentation and paper works needed by ministries for labor cards, visa applications, industrial approvals, trade licensing, and more. pro services in Dubai assist you through the full cycle of formalities so you get a glitch-free business. They’re absolute to facilitate in aiding you thru the departments like Department of Economic Development (DED), Visa and Immigration Department, Chamber of Commerce and business, etc. Thought he procedures associated with clearing the documents are handy in Dubai, the conciliation will be long. Economical pro services in UAE ensures you most support for the graceful functioning of business setup in Dubai.   Benefits of PRO services for your Company 1.Transparency PRO services are mostly clear in their procedures. They provide all receipts and copies of government charges and alternative expenses with supporting bills and so maintains transparency 2.Trouble Free PRO services will provide you with smooth operate of your documents for approvals or the other purpose. They handle everything together with picking up the documents and delivering once clearing them from pro. You’ll not got to become involved in any of the procedure. 3.Save Money There are lots of hassle procedures involved in getting PRO approvals and paper works, relying on PRO service in Dubai can save you lot of time. You can get additional time to think about your business instead of queuing up before of government departments 4.Tension free about fines and delays You may not be specialized to reply, coordinate and company adequately with the dynamical laws and business policies of the host country. This lack of function not only harm the output of the corporate however leaves it vulnerable delays and fines. Professional services square measure dedicated professionals who structure the progress within the right order and respond expeditiously for each notifications. 5.Save Time There are lots of hassle procedures involved in getting PRO approvals and paperworks, relying on PRO service in Dubai can save you lot of time.You can get additional time to target your business instead of queuing up before of government departments

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December 05, 2018 - 07:29 AM


After a few years serving to entrepreneurs came upon within the UAE, I will say with some confidence that the nation’s free zones are one among the most important reasons such a big amount of individuals flock here to do business. A quick scan of the key trade zone (FTZ) advantages makes it utterly clear why they're therefore common, significantly among foreign entrepreneurs. Zero corporation and private tax, 100% company possession, 100% homecoming of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, and 100% import and export tax exemption are some of the many advantages to setting up in a FTZ.What is maybe less clear to the first-time enterpriser within the UAE is sort of what quantity every area differs from succeeding. True, most supply the headline grabbing advantages listed on top of, however every additionally has several distinctive benefits that can’t be found elsewhere.   To paint a clearer image of however free zones take issue from each other, nowadays we’re progressing to verify simply one: Dubai center Media city (DMC).Located at the heart of Dubai’s vibrant business district, it’s the perfect location for organizations and individuals aiming to do business in media and communications – in the region and beyond. Company setup in Dubai Media City So let’s take a glance at some details to assist you opt whether setting up in Dubai Media City is right for you.   Flexi-desk option: With any company formation in Dubai, visas are always going to be a consideration and while Dubai Media City certainly delivers on this front it has to be aforementioned its flexi-desk visa choices aren't the foremost generous within the region. Allowing one visa per flexi-desk package makes the area ideal for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs – permitting them the liberty to form use of DMC’s several business facilities on an ad-hoc basis. However, it’s not the best option for those looking to employ others. No need of office space: For those that need to figure even a lot of flexibly than a flexi-desk, DMC permits businesses to line up while not the necessity to require office space at all. As well as having the ability to use the country as your company’s registered address, you’ll additionally get access to Dubai Media City’s Business Centre that offers visa and document process, mail assortment and distribution, and access to meeting rooms among a good vary of services. There are exceptions however. Businesses that interchange specific industries like business or different regulated activities should attack physical workplace area to line up within the country .Flexible registration process: Company formation in Dubai center isn't to be taken gently.The Dubai center Media city method is each versatile and thorough enough to make sure everything is in correct order once your business is up and running.DMC requires a number of documents to process a license application, including passport copies, a certificate of incorporation and a detailed business plan.It is commonplace for shareholders to be asked to attend a quick meeting with country officers too. In all, the registration method typically takes around 3 months. Having same that, there's no ‘one-size-fits-all’ application method, that the actual needs and timeframe can take issue looking on the kind of license you’re applying for, the trade you trade in and the size of your business. The ideal home for those within the media: because the names suggests, urban center Media city is especially enticing to those in media-related industries. And with good reason. DMC is home to a media community of over 20,000 professionals and full of networking and cooperative opportunities. The free zone also offers a prestigious workplace address and site for those wish to form a splash within the global media trade. Simple to get your company bank account set up: Company formation in Dubai, like anyplace else within the world brings with it an extended list of ‘to-dos’.One of the foremost necessary is guaranteeing you've got somewhere for your clients to send funds. DMC makes this specific task easy: not solely will free zone workers advise on the simplest bank to fit your wants however they’ll additionally prepare for conferences along with your chosen financial institutions if required. What’s additional, Dubai Media city is rated by UAE banks as extremely trustworthy which may solely aid a sleek account gap method. Set up with multiple shareholders: One factor that makes Dubai Media City particularly popular with large corporations is that it allows company formation with more than one shareholder. Newly established Free Zone Limited Liability Companies (FZ-LLCs) are allowed multiple shareholders which can be either individuals or corporate entities

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November 26, 2018 - 01:16 AM


Obtaining UAE Residency Visa – aside from UAE and GCC national voters, different nationalities should get a UAE residence visa to wrongfully live / add city and different emirates.For many utilized expats, the corporate that employs them can sponsor them for a UAE residence visa otherwise you will setup your own company (Free zone or a neighborhood LLC company) and find the residency visa supported being the owner of your company.   A residence visa is additionally necessary to get a license, register a automobile, apply for a PO Box, to shop for a property, open a bank account within the UAE then on. Steps Involved in Getting your UAE Residency Visa Apply for the Employment Entry Permit. Applying for the Permit while the Applicant is in UAE Applying for the Permit while the Applicant is out of UAE 2. Once the Entry permit is approved and issued, The applicant is needed to try to to the Medical check and apply for his Emirates ID. 3. Once the applicant clears his Medical check etc, the initial documents in conjunction with the initial Passport square measure to be submitted to the Immigration Department, wherever they'll verify the documents and stamp the residency visa within the passport. (The Residency visa sealed within the passport will be of two years or three years counting on the kind of Visa and jurisdiction of the corporate (Free Zone Company OR mainland Company through that it had been applied) The higher than steps could seem like terribly straightforward and straightforward to try to to however new individuals making an attempt to try to to these with sub steps concerned within the whole method, and small information of the locations etc. will find yourself dragging the method to weeks or month while not success as Business homeowners face several challenges once it involves purpose wherever they need to touch upon the govt. authorities Our consultants area unit experienced in professional services; and area unit cognizant of the perpetually dynamical laws in Dubai and free zones. We tend to also are alert to all the formalities and needs for many government departments.   Apart from process the residency visas services, our alternative professional services include: Visas for Dependents (Spouse, Kids, Maid and Driver Visas) Renewal of Residency Visas Cancellation of Residency Visas Trade License Renewals (Renewal Reminder Service as well) Amendments in the License putting in place company P.O.Boxes and Renewals Notarization and Attestation of Documents Government approvals All Tasheel, DED, DEVA works

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Danburite could be a name you'll be able to trust once it involves professional service in port for any foreign company to line up in. we tend to square measure graded among the highest professional service firms in port. We provide variety of professional services in national capital that cater to numerous eminent departments of the ministries in port. There square measure specific rules with relevance the Visa process for workers and therefore the immigration or issue UAE passport for citizenship and for expatriates. The immigration rule varies from one emirate to the opposite. We provide prompt and reliable service with relevance the immigration procedures reckoning on the period (long term or permanent) or the standing if underneath employment, family and business classes of port Visa.   The labor and immigration services that we offer adheres to the principles and laws ordered by completely different emirates and within the case of expatriates the professional service in port that we provide helps them with all the work formalities while not having to travel to the immigration workplace and represent hours to urge the formalities done. Once it involves company Support Services, the authentication and seal method is kind of high. The list of services that we offer includes license renewal and amendments, company banking processes, chamber of commerce certificate, labor and immigration, registration and address (P.O. Box Registration and Renewal), company rubber stamp fixing and alternative services to assist a company foreign company created in port and alternative emirates. The overall Audit service that we tend to focus upon ensures that everyone the reports and accounts concerning the official formalities like estimation of assets, liabilities, useful reviews and auditing standards.   This involves preparation of economic statements, book keeping records, trailing potential risks and maintaining up thus far records. Being one among the most effective professional service suppliers in port, Danburite additionally provides material possession Services and logos services with the assistance of licensed associates that we've got employed. the character of the work involves loads of strategic patents and trademark support and this could suits the initial norms set for the businesses. Our retainership service complies with employment visa services, trade license services, labor card services, institution card services and e-signature services. we tend to additionally offer for industrial allow, industrial registration change services, labor card services and E-signature services.

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The new foreign direct investment law is predicted to vary the business setup in UAE by attracting well magnified foreign direct investment. Honorable UAE president has issued a replacement Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) law that aims to push and develop country’s investment setting. Which represents the next step towards enabling 100% foreign ownership of UAE companies outside of free zone areas In accordance with Article II, the Decree-Law No. (19) Of 2018 aims to consolidate the country's position as a significant attraction for foreign direct investment at the regional and international levels, attract and encourage foreign investment. As per the law a FDI unit is to be established within the ministry of economy. This may be to blame for proposing FDI policies within the country, decisive its priorities, fitting associated plans, programmes and dealing on their implementation following approval the UAE cabinet. The law, revealed within the latest issue of the Official Gazette, seeks to expand and diversify the assembly base, transfer and attract advanced technology, data and coaching, additionally to increasing the flow of foreign direct investment in priority sectors to realize balanced and property development. It is believed that the FDI Law provides for the “equal treatment of accredited foreign investment corporations as national companies”. Because it presently stands, 100 percent foreign possession of UAE corporations is barely allowable in free zones, that square measure selected geographic economic zones inside the UAE. However, corporations established in areas aren't usually allowable to hold on business within the UAE outside of that free zone (i.e. “onshore”). to hold on business “onshore” within the UAE, a corporation established underneath the UAE industrial corporations Law has got to be a minimum of fifty one closely-held by a UAE or GCC national, or a corporation completely closely-held by UAE or GCC nationals. For a few foreign investors, notably those unfamiliar the region, this inability to own full legal possession and management has been seen as a barrier to entry or limitation on their business within the UAE.

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Danburite is specialized in setting up of professional companies, firms, organizations such as law firms, management consultancies, HR consultancies, Market Research companies, engineering consultancies, etc cost-effectively and in a hassle free process. We provide service to foreign companies to start their company’s branch in Dubai or across in UAE as desired. We help investors to identify the nature of professional activity to setup their business in UAE, which help the investors to manage their time efficiently. Every professional company needs a local service agent for their company for the legal requirements. We are arranging such local service agents to professional companies and complete the company formation formalities with in the stipulated time. Sole Proprietorship Sole proprietorship or civil companies are formed either by UAE national or GCC nationals with all privileges to operate companies in UAE. We do facilitate all the requirements to set up a Sole Proprietorship  or civil company in UAE. By this way a foreign national is permitted to set up company in UAE without depending UAE national, sponsor or a local service agent. Danburite offers dedicated service in this sector for professional Company Formation in UAE. Set Up Your Business In UAE with experts.As we have decade of experienced professional teams specialized in Business Set up Services Corporate Support service 1.Offshore  Company Set Up 1.Trade License Renewal 2.Free Zone  Company Set Up 2.Share Sale 3.Professional Company Set Up 3.Shares / Record Amendments 4.Branch Formation 4.PRO Services to Labour 5.Representative Office Set Up 5.PRO Services to Immigration 6.LLC Company Formation 6.Documentation Services 7.Proprietorship Formation 7.Visa Service (Any type) 8.Business set up in Dubai  

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November 07, 2018 - 05:02 AM


The public relations world continues to evolve, and in the digital age we're presently in, we can expect some major shifts. Here are 6 things to watch out for in 2018. Switch to consumer content consumption: Videos have started taking the lead on social media, and this is likely to grow in 2018. PR agencies may need to create more of video content to reach media and influencers. Traditional Press releases, will mainly be published by online news portals, however, as most print media today focuses on their digital strategy, video content from agencies is more likely to be embraced. Therefore, for agencies putting out traditional press releases, it might be time to now think of sending them out with video releases. Therefore, the spokesperson quotes could be videos whereby; it empowers digital media to upload on their social sites and websites instantly. Evolution of the media landscape: The media landscape in the UAE has significantly changed in the last two years. Traditional media has found it challenging to survive and a number of publications have shut shop completely. A majority of them have stopped printing and have completely gone online. What then happens to the agencies fulfilling the demands of costumers that continue to emphasise on mainstream traditional media?. This year is likely to witness the majority of print publications switching to online modes, as the content is fresh and hopefully news is reported in real-time" Growing number of bloggers and influencers: The region will witness a surge in bloggers that specialise in various different segments. Filtering these bloggers according to their real-reach and engagement will continue to become client-agency debates. More bloggers-only events will continue, as the media struggles to find advertisers to survive the downturn. Emphasis on personal branding: As an SME, it's a good reminder to understand and buy in the fact that "people buy from people", and therefore as an entrepreneur if you are media-shy, it's time to embrace toastmasters/public-speaking classes and undergo some rigorous media training programmes. Brand equity will continue to be built upon personal branding as well. Emotional quotient: Marketing campaigns that focus upon building and nurturing the emotional connection with their consumers will lead to maximum customer retention. It's important to now think about how one can build and maintain a space in the consumer's hearts. Values and CSR strategy: For companies that currently don't have a budget for, or believe in giving back, it's time to re-think your marketing strategy. Corporate social responsibility does emotionally connect with end-consumers and does lead to building upon the credibility of a company. Narrating success stories, building and making a difference in communities, will significantly catapult companies to credibility and create a lasting space in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders and consumers.

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Business structures in Dubai are divided into businesses, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. These have their pros and cons, but as it is considered a separate entity from the owners, most people prefer to function as a business. Which means that the owners are personally liable for the obligations of the company. Business formation in Dubai is somewhat complicated and without a good comprehension of the sorts of businesses and the requirements and procedure for enrollment, it could be difficult to get it done right. There is A one individual business a business whose shares are owned by one individual. In Dubai, a GCC a United Arab Emirates nationwide can owns this type of company.  The business name must include the name of liability business and the proprietor in the end. Such an organization's shares can't be traded requirements must be met to go public. A limited liability company is. For a Limited liability company United Arab Emirates nationals should own at least 51% of the shares. Such businesses accounts are required to be verified by an auditor who's accredited by the UAE. LLCs shares are openly traded on the stock exchange. One person businesses and LLC's pay corporate tax, that is separate from this individual owners tax. Partnership businesses are owned by two or more individuals who might either be limited or general partners.  The general partners are United Arab Emirates nationals whilst the limited partners are foreigners. Profits are shared based on a pre agreed ratio and partners are taxed individually. A single owner is a business owned and run by one person. The owner is personally responsible for this business's financial obligations, meaning that in case that the business is not able to meet its financial obligations, this owner's personal assets may be utilized to settle them. This is this main disadvantage of this kind of business.  However, it gives the business owner complete autonomy to run the business the way he\/she wishes to, without the bureaucracy necessary to manage a company. In addition, unlike companies, an individual company has no minimum capital requirements. For a sole proprietorship to be registered in Dubai, the owner must be a UAE national or a GCC national, and must be qualified to provide the services he\/she is offering if it is a consultancy business. Whilst the above aren't the only forms of legal entity in Dubai, they're the most typical. Company formation in Dubai isn't quite complicated if you understand this different legal entities and their implications on your company.

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September 26, 2018 - 02:22 AM


EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP NOW WITH 2.5 MILLION EURO INVESTMENT The Council of Ministers of Cyprus has revised the criteria for investment and Scheme for Naturalization of non- Cypriot investors in order to assist with foreign investments. The amendments were done by the government authorities to attract investments and development in Cyprus. THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR APPLYING FOR NATURALIZATION Individual Investment in the Republic of Cyprus up to the amount of EUR 2,000,000 Purchase of a Residence in the Republic of Cyprus with market value up to the amount of at least EUR 500,000, excluding VAT. THE EUR 2,000,000 INVESTMENTS MAY BE INVESTED IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING Purchase or construction of real estate or the creation of other developments in Cyprus. (Residential or commercial developments, developments in the tourist sector or other infrastructure projects). The investment must be in an area permitted to build in and an investment plan should exist for its development, while the purchase of real estate in an area considered to be in a zone of zero development, is excluded. In these cases, the purchase of an additional residence of EUR 500,000 is not required. Purchase, registration or participation in businesses or companies which are established and operating in the Republic of Cyprus. It has to be proven that, these businesses or companies have their physical control in the Republic and employ at least 5 Cypriots. Investing in Alternative Investment Institutions those of which are registered in the Republic of Cyprus and licensed by the Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (CYSEC) and are conducting investments only in the Republic. This way of investment also includes the purchase of financial assets up to the amount of EUR 2,000,000, such as bonds and securities licensed by CYSEC, from companies which demonstrably have physical presence in the Republic and are concerned with the financing of their investment. COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE INVESTMENTS The applicant may make a combination of the above investments, provided that the total investment will amount to at least € 2.000.000. Under this criterion, the investor may also invest in government bonds of Cyprus for the amount up to € 500.000, which will be issued for this purpose by the Public Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance, for a period of at least 3 years. THE APPLICANT SHOULD MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA The investments should be maintained for a period of at least 3 years. The applicant should have a clean criminal record. ADVANTAGES OF INVESTMENTS IN CYPRUS All family members of the main applicant can also obtain EU citizenship. Travel to over 160 countries without the requirement of a visa. Free movement of capital services and goods. NO requirement to physically reside in Cyprus. Low tax regime. Access to regulated markets within Europe via regulated entities and funds licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. For more details contact us on, 971 568080092

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Liquidation is the process by which a LLC company, sole establishment or a free zone company closes its operation and the assets and property of the company is distributed to shareholders of the Company. TYPES OF COMPANY LIQUIDATION Voluntary liquidation  Compulsory liquidation PROCEDURE TO LIQUIDATE OR WIND UP LLC COMPANIES Prepare a board of resolution calling to cancel the company by all partners concerned. The resolution needs to authenticated through court procedures. The duration of the process will take a day and costs approximately 800 AED. Board needs to appoint a liquidator and which needs to mention in the resolution. Apply for preliminary or initial cancellation of license at Department of Economic Department. The cost of which will be AED 2010. Cancellation of visas, establishment cards, labor cards etc. Prepare audit report if company was existing only less than 2 years. Newspaper advertisements to do at the cost of AED 1500/- Clearances and bank account closures. Need to pay the final bills to DED after 45 days of process to get a liquidation certificate. PROCEDURE TO LIQUIDATE OR WIND UP SOLE ESTABLISHMENTS ECD form to sign and apply for the cancellation directly at DED Clearances are required from each department Liquidator is required to fulfill the formalities Pay for initial liquidation certificate Newspaper advertisements to follow Final payment for the liquidation certificate PROCEDURES TO LIQUIDATE FREE ZONE COMPANIES Different free zone has different procedures for liquidation but most of them have the same process Resolution from Board for liquidating the Company and appointment of liquidator (registered and approved liquidators in UAE) Need to take clearances from customs, Etisalat, and other relevant departments. Liquidation letter by registered auditor for FZE & FZCO only to be submitted All fees and charges are to be settled with the free zone. Need to return all documents of the company. WHAT IS THE DURATION OF A FREE ZONE COMPANY LIQUIDATION? The liquidation process may take 45 to 50 days if other requirements and formalities are executed on time. A free zone will have one window solution to close down the company whereas the mainland company have its clearances from multiple departments which are in various locations. DOES AN OFFSHORE COMPANY REQUIRE TO CLOSE, IF NOT ACTIVE? The offshore company automatically gets stroke off from the system if it is inactive over a period of time. Since the visas are not linked with the company it is not important to bother about this solution For more details on Company liquidation in Dubai, Contact us on +971568080092  

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We provide exclusive retainer service to clients who needs complete range of PRO services. When the contract for retainer service is signed, client is offered with multiple service throughout the year such as given below. Visa services in Dubai Trade license renewal in Dubai Company set up services in Dubai Subsidiary company set up in Dubai Representative office formation in Dubai Offshore company set up services Bank account services Audit services for clients in Dubai Full range of PRO services for LLC company PRO services for free zone company The above list and more over we are working at personal level. We arrange the transportation facilities VIPs in company, escort for medical service in Dubai, finger print service in Dubai.

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In order to incorporate a business in Dubai there are numerous PRO services, authorization and certification to be done. Getting those documents authorized is called document clearance. Document clearance for the business setup in Dubai can be a challenging aspect for the foreign investors and businessmen. Changing business laws and fluctuating regularities, unfamiliar requirements and vivid implications, Change in currency and economic structure for the foreign investors are some factors that makes it difficult for getting documents clearance for starting a business in Dubai. DOCUMENT CLEARANCE SERVICES IN DUBAI Submitting and securing approval from the necessary government agencies is a prime requirement while setting up a business in Dubai or any other Emirates. By availing document clearing services from the business setup providers, you can get the burden resolved and save your time too. Danburite Corporate can help you in getting the documents cleared for your business setup in Dubai and we provide end to end PRO service for the company setup in Dubai  

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The companies prefer to have nominee shareholder and nominee directors for the companies due to many factors such as given below Anonymity of the company or beneficial owner Bank account opening process Frequent visits and executions The above are the major concerns while choosing a nominee for the company. The nationals from Ukraine, Iran, Libya and other restricted and CIS countries find it difficult to open the bank account for their business operations. Therefore, the investor seeking right candidates for the services to handle. We at Danburite provide efficient and right candidates with proper background to open the bank account for the business operations. The nominee shareholder in Dubai is not easy to find. The nominee director in Dubai also having the similar concerns.  BENEFITS OF NOMINEE SHAREHOLDERS IN DUBAI Anonymity of the UBO Flexibility of handling Local assistance is easily available Easy to open the bank account  Least documentations Can provide POA to owner  

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April 04, 2018 - 03:22 AM


The companies such as shelf companies, offshore companies and free zone companies may look for the secretarial services in Dubai for running the companies efficiently while the owners are out of the country. We are providing secretarial services in Dubai mainly for offshore companies. BENEFITS OF SECRETARIAL SERVICES IN DUBAI Telephone handling Documents pick and drop services Visits at bank and other business meetings Handling the minutes of the meetings Available on call WE PROVIDE SECRETARIAL SERVICES FOR Ajman Offshore RAK Offshore Dubai Offshore

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April 04, 2018 - 03:12 AM


 A Dubai offshore company can be formed in just 2 days with the following documents. INDIVIDUAL SHAREHOLDERS Passport Copy of shareholder Proof of residence (Any utility bill evidencing the address of the applicant) Bank reference letter Curriculum Vitae of the shareholder Suggested name and activities of the offshore company Details of the ultimate beneficiaries of the offshore company As a registered agent for Dubai offshore, Danburite corporate assist you in cheapest offshore company formation in Dubai. FOR CORPORATE ENTITY SHAREHOLDERS Attested copy of Trade license or incorporation certificate copy Original shareholders’ resolution – Attested MOA (Memorandum of Association) of the parent company Passport Copies for the directors, shareholders and secretary of UAE offshore company Parent company’s Certificate of Good Standing (Attested) Incumbency certificate of parent company (which mention the name of shareholders and directors OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION DUBAI, UAE RAK Offshore Ajman Offshore Dubai Offshore    

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April 04, 2018 - 03:01 AM


The reason to setup an offshore company are many as follows Confidentiality and anonymity. Asset protection No accountant costs Corporate bank account Business can be conducted internationally completely tax free Complete ownership, involvement of no local national required No office space required Liberal bank account opening and maintaining Quick incorporation in 2-3 working days. Danburite Corporate provides specialized services for offshore company formation, maintenance, restoration, structuring and managing of offshore company. We also provide services to incorporate the offshore company anywhere in the world at a very competitive cost. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE offshore company registration Offshore company Maintenance Restoring an offshore company Structuring an offshore company Incorporate an offshore company in a desired jurisdiction Opening Bank account for the offshore company Offshore company renewal Providing Registered address to offshore company Providing Registered agents to the clients Organize nominee directors or shareholders, if required ADVANTAGES OF OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION IN UAE An offshore company formation in UAE can portray a good impression to your clients as well as suppliers. There is no public register of shareholders and directors in Dubai company formation. An Offshore Company Formation in UAE is quick and easy to incorporate. One of the Dubai offshore company benefits is that there is very simple reporting as well as regulatory requirements It can be suitable for any sort of international business. There is high degree of privacy for corporate information. You will own Dubai offshore company cost which includes assets, real estate, etc. OFFSHORE COMPANY FORMATION IN UAE RAK Offshore Ajman Offshore Dubai Offshore  

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April 03, 2018 - 04:36 AM


Free zone company also required to go through certain process and clearances to complete the liquidation process in Dubai. If a company is a commercial one, it needs to get clearance from the customs but a company with the nature of service, may not require. THE PROCESS INVOLVED IN COMPANY LIQUIDATION Prepare a Board Resolutions Fill up applications and letters Return all original documents to free zone Get a confirmation from liquidator that company being closed and it has no liability Seek for all clearances from departments Advertisements in newspaper (free zone) Bank account closure letter Cancellation of visas Final submission and liquidation certificates Different free zones have different price system to follow for the liquidation of the companies. We are providing liquidation services in Dubai for free zone and offshore companies. Dubai South charges 4555 AED for closing the company (liquidation). The number of days it takes to close the company may depend on free zone to free zone.

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April 03, 2018 - 04:21 AM


The free zone companies are more flexible compared to offshore company to open the account in any of the banks. A free zone company is completely familiar worldwide and accepted form of company. Set up a free zone company also is easy but to open the bank account for free zone company is tough as offshore companies. FEATURES OF FREE ZONE COMPANY BANK ACCOUNT Free zone company can accept money from anywhere and spend locally Free zone company bank account can accept money locally Free zone companies are issued debit/credit cards Free zone companies offered trade finance Free zone companies are exempted from VAT for incoming fund and outgoing funds DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO SET UP BANK ACCOUNT FOR A FREE ZONE COMPANY AS FOLLOWS 6 months bank statements Resume of the account holder Corporate documents Proof of physical existence Signatures of the forms, passports, and other relevant documents  

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April 03, 2018 - 03:57 AM


The main purpose of offshore company is to set up a bank account. An account for offshore company is not easy as before. The requirements to get an account for an offshore company is as follows; - Good credibility in the bank Free from criminal records Financial stability anywhere in the world Company has to have an office or in the home country Preferably investor needs to have similar line of business Fund or transaction needs to be justified at compliance point of view Need to be resident in the country. The above are essential factors to get an account for the offshore company but however, case to case there are differences. The offshore company brings nominee shareholders to open the bank account or for anonymity. WHY THE OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT IS MADE DIFFICULT IN UAE BY BANKS To protect fraudulent practices To upgrade the standard of economy to world’s leading economies To prevent money laundering To have properly audited figures at national interest To stop transaction accounts which leaves no income in the country DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR OFFSHORE COMPANY TO OPEN BANK ACCOUNT 6 months bank statements Resume of the account holder Corporate documents Proof of physical existence Signatures of the forms, passports, and other relevant documents FEATURE OF OFFSHORE COMPANY BANK ACCOUNT Money can receive from outside the country and it can go outside the country Cheque book and debit cards are not issued Only online banking is available Loans and facilities are not allowed LC facility is depending on the credibility of company VAT is not affected    

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April 03, 2018 - 03:17 AM


Free zone visa services The visa service is an essential part of a company. Every free zone company will look for visas to employ staff for various purposes. The nature of free zone visa is varied from one free zone to another free zone. Dubai based free zones are faster free zones to issue visas for investors and employees. The cost of such visa is decided by each free zone. In the normal case the free zone visa costs inclusive of all government charges but additional are the cost incurred over medical fitness test and fingerprints. Dubai South free zone charging comparatively less cost for the visas. The cost of visa in Dubai south is AED 2500 but at the same time you will get visa for just AED 1800 at Sharjah Airport Free zone but additional costs and conditions are applied. All free zones are sending the visa application for the security verification from the CID department to check the eligibility of the candidates and verify the criminal record. Free zones provide the following visas Investor visas Employment visas Temporary visas Mission visas Visit visas Important features of free zone visa It has no connection with ministry of labor One window operation Quickest process Apply visas manually in English Most of the free zones provide 3-year visas

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April 03, 2018 - 03:05 AM


ADVANTAGES OF FREE ZONE COMPANY SET UP IN DUBAI 100% foreign ownership is allowed in Dubai free zone business. No personal income or capital gain taxes No corporate taxes for Dubai free zone business set up No duties on import and export 100% repatriation of capital and profits Modern efficient communications No recruitment problems and liberal labor laws Attractive working environment No currency restrictions Excellent support services. CHOOSING A FREE ZONE TO ESTABLISH YOUR COMPANY There are many factors to consider when you are determining which free zone company set up would be the most appropriate for the establishment of your business. These factors include: Location of the free zone company set up Facilities offered by the Free zone Licensing process of the proposed activity Cost of Dubai free zone company formation The prestige of a particular free zone Hidden charges in Dubai free zone business setup Numerous other factors based on your business needs OUR SERVICES Danburite offers services for company setup in Dubai free zone and other UAE free zones. This includes verification of permit requirements. Identification of the nature of business of the company to be established. Business documentation as per requirement. Company registration amendments License renewal Accounts maintenance and auditing PR services for free zone company formation. Bank account opening

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April 03, 2018 - 02:33 AM


An office space is required to register a mainland company in UAE. There are different solutions available to lease an office in Dubai. The office spaces are categorized as follows Shared office Virtual offices Business centers Physical office (independent) Commercial villas Shops for trading companies We help you to find the low budget offices for registering the business. However, this is important to make sure the legal existence of offices offered by consultants or real estate agents. Shared offices are normally being leased under a main license. For example, local sponsor will have an office which can be shared for up to 10 companies. The client has to make sure the capacity and space of allotted office to enable them to apply for visas for their employees. Danburite provides such shared office for affordable cost in Dubai. The shared office and virtual offices are mostly same as the shared office will be used while the other one may not. A tenant will get full freedom an access to the office including the network and other essentials to operate the business in Dubai. For more details on renting office space in Dubai, Contact us on, Call: +971 568080092      

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April 03, 2018 - 02:10 AM


A local sponsor should be compulsorily appointed when starting a company in Dubai Mainland regardless it is a professional company set up, industrial company set up or a local LLC set up, it is mandatory. When a foreign investor setup a business in Dubai, the UAE legislation states that a local sponsor be appointed for representative dealings with the ministries and the government for getting the various local services done. A local sponsor is an Emirati or a UAE national, who acts as your service agent for your business in the UAE and he usually acts as a sleeping partner of your company. Danburite corporate helps you in finding the most reliable local sponsor for your company in Dubai, who can contribute quite lot of things to your business. Usually the local service agent has no particular role or interest in the business but is appointed for the sole purpose of liaising with the government departments and authorities to obtain labor and immigration approvals, visas and complete other necessary paperwork for the company, if company wants to get it. The local service agent is to be paid an annual fee for his services. HOW DANBURITE CAN HELP TO FIND LOCAL SPONSOR Danburite Corporate assists you in successful company registration in Dubai by finding a reliable, trustworthy and a secure UAE national or Emirati to act as your local sponsor or local service agent. Our business setup experts will provide you end to end business solutions ranging from licensing, local sponsorship to actual office setup in Dubai. Professional company set up in Dubai needs a local service agent instead of local sponsor. The relevance of local sponsor comes only when a commercial or LLC company being set up in Dubai. For more information, contact us at 00 971 568080092 or Email Us on

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Danburite corporate offers the best PRO Service in Dubai on annual basis or on a project basis. We offer most effective PRO service on affordable corporate rate. We assign a PRO consultant who stays in touch with and keeps track of all the related PRO works. Our PRO’s keeps track of all the legal requirements related to visa and other licenses and remind you about the renewal and cancellation beforehand. PRO SERVICE FOR VISA PROCESSING IN DUBAI Danburite Corporate provides visa services for corporates and individuals. Our Visa services includes, Processing, renewal and collection of employment visa and labor cards Arranging of Visa Transfer, Visa Cancellation, Medical and Blood Test Processing, renewal and collection of spouse and family visa Attestation of documents with UAE authorities and outside. Application of Visit Visa from Embassies Visa Deposit, Bank Account assistance, arranging sponsors. Visa assistance for Investor visa, employment visa and family member’s visa Document Clearance, Document Writing, Document Processing in Labor, Immigration, Economic & other Government Departments. Emirates ID typing PRO SERVICES FOR COMPANY FORMATION IN DUBAI Danburite offers more reliable and speedy PRO service for Company setup in Dubai. Our PRO service for business setup in Dubai includes and not limited to Approvals from Ministry & Government Departments Assistance for all Government & Semi Government work Company Registrations Chamber of Commerce / Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Justice Notary Corporate Bank Account Opening Registration, renewal and amendment of a Trade or Service License Professional Sponsorship Services in all the emirates Renewal of company license Legal attestation and typing services from Government departments, ministries and all embassies within and outside the territory of United Arab Emirates. We help you in finding suitable office space for your company in Dubai. We also assist you in virtual office setup in Dubai PRO SERVICE FOR COMPANY LIQUIDATION IN DUBAI Danburite provides excellent PRO service for company liquidation in Dubai, UAE. PRO service for company windup includes Termination of license Closing bank accounts Preparing Final Audit Report OUR PRO SERVICE ALSO INCLUDE Processing documents in Labor / Immigration / other Govt. Departments Processing of Company Immigration Card and Labor Card. Approvals from Ministries and Departments. Processing medical fitness test papers. Attestation of Import / Export documents. Legal Translation For more details on PRO Service, Contact us on, Call : 971 5668080092  

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Ajman offshore provides the most affordable and low-cost business setup package in UAE. Ajman offshore in the fastest offshore when compared to the other offshore  jurisdictions in UAE which takes less than 3 days for the company incorporation. DANBURITE CORPORATE helps you to setup your business in Ajman offshore at just 5000 DHS.  ADVANTAGES OF AJMAN OFFSHORE Ajman Offshore company can be incorporated in less than 3 days Ajman Offshore offers the cheapest offshore company setup package in UAE. No residential visa is required to start a company in Ajman Offshore. No public records are maintained by the company. Shareholders and director’s names are not publicized. Not mandatory to lease or rent an office space. Banking facilities are provided for an Ajman Offshore business setup. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR AJMAN OFFSHORE COMPANY Passport copies of shareholders. Residency proof of shareholders. Articles of Association Memorandum of Incorporation Application for Offshore Company Formation BUSINESS ACTIVITIES ALLOWED IN AJMAN OFFSHORE Ship Manufacturing and Management Companies Stake Holding Companies Professional and Consulting Companies Trading Companies Export and Import Companies Shipping Companies Intermediary Brokers (IB's), Financial and Investments Companies COMPANY SETUP PACKAGE FOR AJMAN OFFSHORE COMPANY DANBURITE CORPORATE helps you to setup your business in Ajman offshore at just AED 5000 and the company incorporation takes not more than 3 days.  As a registered business agent for Ajman offshore, we can assist you in your end to end business needs. For more details about offshore company setup please contact us on, Call: 971 568080092    

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February 26, 2018 - 02:08 AM


Foreign companies can retain 100 percent foreign ownership in the United Arab Emirates by opening a branch office. The branch office is basically an extension of the foreign parent company. It merely represents the parent company and carries on business under its name. Usually, a branch office may promote and market the products of the parent company, enter into transactions and conclude agreements in the name of the parent company, and offer services to its customers.  THE APPLICATIONS TO SET UP A BRANCH OF FOREIGN COMPANY  The application to setup a branch office of a foreign company must contain the trade name, legal form, address of headquarters of the foreign company and the country where it carries its activities, name of national agent (if the agent is a legal entity, then its legal form), capital, names of partners, their nationality, and addresses. The next step is to obtain the name reservation from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and apply for an initial approval from the Ministry of Economy for opening the branch office in Dubai. THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR INITIAL APPROVAL Registration and a license application form. Proof of the reserved business name. Copy of the director’s passport and a letter of no-objection issued by the parent company. Copy of the UAE representative’s passport and naturalization book. Foreign company’s management board resolution for opening the branch in Dubai. Power of attorney for the Dubai director. Parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. Copy of the parent company’s Certificate of Incorporation. Approval issued by the Government for carrying out the specified trading activities. The Memorandum, Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation must be translated into Arabic and duly notarized. REGISTRATION OF THE FOREIGN COMPANY BRANCH Once the initial approval is obtained, the following documents must be submitted in the Department of Economic Development and submit the following documents: The approval received from the Ministry of Economy. Copy of the property lease agreement in Dubai. Statement issued by the parent company on the business activities to be carried out. The Parent company’s audited financial statements for the last two years. Once the Dubai branch obtains its initial approval from the Department of Economic Development it can register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and start operating. BENEFIT OF SETTING UP OF A BRANCH OF FOREIGN COMPANY IN DUBAI You can maintain the brand as anywhere in the world Liability is on parent company Ownership of shares Do not require a local sponsor Can operate from free zone, offshore, and mainland Increase credibility of any brand Our business experts at DANBURITE CORPORTAE can assist you in your end to end business setup needs, for more details please write us on or call us on 971 56808009  

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February 22, 2018 - 05:21 AM


When a company is established in Dubai, you will receive a trade license. Trade license is legal document allows your company to conduct the activities listed in the trade license. A trade license must be renewed every year to remain valid. Delay in the trade license renewal may cause serious impacts but not limited to freezing the business activities dismiss the license and also the company will be subjected to fines. DOCUMENTS FOR TRADE LICENSE RENEWAL IN DUBAI Typed (BR/1) form The Tenancy Contract and Ejari registration certificate. Passport copy of all the Business Partners. Copy of current business/Trade License. TRADE LICENSE RENEWAL PROCESS Ensure that your company’s tenancy contract is valid for a period of at least one month from the application date. Be sure to process your company’s tenancy contract renewal before submitting your trade license renewal application to the DED. Submit your application with all required documents at a DED service center. Receive your payment voucher from the DED and process your payment. As soon as the payment is made, the renewed license will be printed and made available to you. If the correct documentation is provided, you will receive your payment voucher within three to four days. ONLINE TRADE LICENSE RENEWAL The DED recently launched online portals for businesslicense renewal. In order to use the online service, Owner of the company needs to setup an account prior to using the portal. The owner must submit personal documentation to the DED in order to activate the online account and use the system. The portal also allows owners to make online payments, but the registered payment account must be under the owner’s name. Though the license renewal process may seem straightforward, if there has been any change to the business (new shareholders, change of premises, different local sponsor, etc.) the process will be different, and more complicated. Danburite Corporate helps you with Trade license renewal, changing sponsors, and etc. For more details please write us on, Call us on 0568080092  

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February 20, 2018 - 01:31 AM


E-CHANNEL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM E-Channel immigration system is being implemented in all the emirates of UAE. What makes E-Channel immigration from the current immigration system is that both business and individuals can apply for visas, residence permits and entry permits through single online portal, instead of visiting typing centre or immigration office. The new system removes remove the need for hard copy documents and aims to ensure that all applications are processed more efficiently Upon registration on the E-Channel portal, individuals and businesses can apply for their visas, or entry permits (residence, visit and tourist) – and for those of employees or relatives. The whole process, including payment can be carried out online and where applicable permits can be printed at home. REGISTRATION FEE The registration fee may vary depending on the emirate but the cost is approximately of AED 7,500 with a refundable deposit of AED 5,000. Registration must be renewed annually at a cost of around AED 1,000. HOW TO REGISTER IN THE E-CHANNEL PORTAL The online E-Channel immigration portal has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. If your company in incorporated in a free zone, In order to login to the E-Channel, free zone details has to be used. You must register your E- Channel portal via free zone appointed agent or authorized typing centers. Otherwise, to get started, visit the E-Channel website and select either individual or establishment services. Upon clicking the ‘Registration’ button. You will be asked to input your email address – instructions on how to set up your account will be sent here. Once you have received your confirmation message from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), simply select the ‘Complete Registration’ link to continue creating your profile. Once set up on the E-Channel immigration system portal, you can start using online services right away. BENEFITS OF THE E-CHANNEL SYSTEM More efficient processing Speedy process and accuracy in the visa and residency services. License applications, visas, amendments, upgrades, renewals, and most other associated activities can now be managed from a single portal. System is also designed to lower your administrative burden No need to visit immigration centre’s to fill out excessive paperwork. Any required documents such as passport copies or ID cards can be simply scanned and uploaded to the portal with no need to produce hard copies. By the end of 2018, the E-Channel system is expected to have reduced the need for in-person visits to government centers by up to 80%.  

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February 18, 2018 - 12:52 AM


Every free zone in UAE offers its own distinctive advantages to the entrepreneurs. Among the Free zones, Ajman Free zone is a worth choice to consider when establishing your business. The competitive benefits and incentives offered by Ajman Free zone makes it an entrepreneur’s choice. Ajman free zone provides competitive facilities to startups and entrepreneurs to allow them to garner a considerable return on their investment. Setting up a company in the Ajman Free Zone is easy and cost-effective as companies operating in this zone enjoy the same legal status as other UAE based companies, with the additional benefit of cheaper incorporation and operating costs. This will ensure that business owners have the best possible start, while also guaranteeing continued support as their business flourishes. ADVANTAGES OF SETTING UP A COMPANY IN AJMAN FREE ZONE Quick Release of Trade License One of the major reasons that make Ajman Free Zone the preferable choice for your business is the ease of registration. The registration process is hassle free and you can easily get your trade license within a day. All you need to do is to visit Ajman once to sign up important documents in front of authorities, and the rest of the process will easily be managed by the company remotely. Submit your application and all the important documents along with your business plan, and you can easily set up your business in the Ajman Free zone in just two working days. Low Startup Costs Another reason that makes Ajman Free Zone the best trade zone in the UAE and a great choice for business owners is the cost-effectiveness of setting up shop there. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, Ajman Fee Zone welcomes businesses of all types and sizes. Especially, small and midsize companies operating on a shoestring budget will find AFZ the best place to run their business. Perfect Location The highly feasible and strategic location of the Ajman Free Zone makes it a perfect choice for a majority of businesses setting up their own company in UAE. The area is ideal for business owners who are interested in import and export trade because it is linked by air, road and water. Free zone has easy access to the airports too.   Feasible Visa Options Another benefit for entrepreneurs who are setting up a company in the Ajman Free Zone is the availability of multiple packages with different visa options. The Smart Office package allows business owners to grants up to three visas at a time, while the Executive Office package grants up to five visas. There is a special package for those who cannot afford a physical space, allowing them to avail the Flexi-desk package. Lower Nationality Issues Those who are facing difficulties in other emirates can submit a visa pre-approval application through the visa pre-approval process of Ajman Immigration office. There will be no need to bear the costs of the company or having to cancel your current visa. Perfect for Every Business Type Do you know why more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get their trading license in AFS? It is because it caters well to almost all trading activities. The Ajman Free Zone issues industrial and professional licenses, compared to other free zones in UAE. The perfect mix of industries and businesses make AFS the perfect place for entrepreneurs to communicate and share their knowledge and expertise with one another. Corporate Bank Account Opening Ajman Free Zone consultants can help you choose the bank that is right for your business and guide you through the account opening process. Ajman Free Zone representatives can also book meetings with all concerned organizations on your behalf. Sponsor Dependents The Ajman Free Zone has an easy and quick visa process, but best of all, it gives you an opportunity to sponsor your family, friends and employees. Those who fulfill the salary requirements are eligible to sponsor visa application for their dependents, if they have enough space to accommodate them. Administrative Office in Dubai Another reason what makes Ajman Free zone entrepreneur’s choice is that they have got Administrative office in Dubai. All the works related to the free zone can be carried out in the administrative office in Dubai without going to the Free zone. This makes Ajman Free zone more convenient for its clients in terms submission and collection of documents.   ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF AJMAN FREE ZONE COMPANY FORMATION Investors have 100% ownership Guaranteed100% return on profit Personal income tax exemption Economical lease rents Inexpensive prices of power and electricity Affordable and state-of-the-art infrastructure Zero duty tax on import and export Those who are above 60 are eligible to qualify for visa Cheap lease prices Resident or employment visas for investors and employees So, if you are aspiring to establish a business in the UAE free zone with minimum investment, competitive privileges and more flexible options, Ajman Free Zone is the most affordable area for business setup. Get your Ajman Free Zone company registered and enjoy benefits of running your own business in UAE. For more details please contact us on, Contact: 971 56 8080092  

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For setting up a business in DMCC you will need to submit certain documents in the DMCC counter for initial approval Required documents Passport of all proposed company shareholders/directors/managers/secretary/legal representative (For UAE residents: passport, visa and Emirates ID, NOC from existing sponsor (if applicable)) Proof of permanent residential address of each shareholder/director/manager/secretary/legal representative Business plan (if required according to DMCC allowed activity list) Upon the verification of the document, DMCC will send the login details of the client in order to access the DMCC Portal. This will take one working day. Next step is to fill the company registration details in the DMCC Portal and pay application fee of AED 1015. Required documents for online company registration Passport of all proposed company shareholders/directors/managers/secretary/legal representative. Know your client form for all company shareholders/directors/managers/secretary/legal representative. Business Plan (Required for certain activities only) NOC from sponsor for all company shareholders/directors/managers/secretary/legal representative. Proof of Permanent Home address for all company shareholders/directors/secretary/legal representative. Shareholders Resolution. Memorandum and Articles of Association. Undertaking letter for share capital deposit. On the approval of documents submitted online, shareholders must visit the Free zone authority for signing the documents and final payment. For  more details on business setup in DMCC, Contact us on; Contact: 0568080092      

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February 12, 2018 - 06:52 AM


Ras Al Khaimah is one of the fastest growing free trade zones in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most sought investment destinations. INVESTMENT SECTORS OF RAK FREE ZONE Industrial sector Trade sector Construction sector Banking and investment sector Tourism sector Agri/cultivation sector Service sector BUSINESS LICENSES IN THE RAS AL KHAIMAH FREE ZONE In order to open a company in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, investors must select the appropriate business license. There are four types of licenses to be obtained within the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone Commercial license General trading license Industrial license Consultancy or services license The business license is issued for a limited period of time which is usually one year. This may be renewed on a yearly basis provided that audit reports are submitted when applying for renewal. Companies licensed by the RAK FTZ Authority are also required to appoint a local agent in order to supply any goods or services in the UAE market. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS TO OPEN A COMPANY IN THE RAK FTZ The company registration procedure in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone is quite simple when compared to other Free zones. The required documents to open a company in the RAK FTZ are:   Application form Certificate of incorporation Brief description of the business objectives Bank reference letter Shareholders’ passport copies List of trade names application form BENEFITS OF SETTING UP A COMPANY IN RAK FREE ZONE Full foreign ownership is allowed Easy and quick incorporation procedure Clear regulatory legal framework Access to all large airports and seaports in the UAE   For more details on company registration in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, please contact us on, Contact: 00971568080092    

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February 11, 2018 - 01:32 AM


NORTHERN EMIRATE FREE ZONE COMPARISON Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, or SAIF-ZONE, is the largest free zone in Sharjah and particularly attractive for its lower fees when compared to free zones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. SAIF ZONE keeps a hassle-free approach to setting up business. Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, or RAK FTZ, is also popular for providing the same or even more generous incentives as well than the free trade zones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but at lower cost, wooing companies with the promise of 25 per cent savings on business operations as compared to other emirates. It has four distinctive segments within the zone, a business park for office clients, an industrial park for heavy manufacturing, a technology park for trading and light manufacturing, and an academic zone for educational institutions Hamriyah Free zone is one of the fastest growing free zones and the company setup cost is cheaper when compared with the other Free zones in UAE. SHAMS Free zone has the simplest business registration process for setting up the business. Shams is the fastest free zone in northern emirates which provide everything you from licensing, visas, and real estate through fast, easy, and cost effective setup process. Ajman Free zone provides affordable free zone services to clients at a competitive price and easy installments. The free zone helps startup companies to have their base in the free zone with simple legal requirements. Minimum cost, simple legal requirements, facility to upgrade the company etc. According to the study done by Danburite Corporate, Hamriyah Free zone is the cheapest free zone for business setup but in terms of visa, the total business setup cost will be higher.  For setting up companies with visa we suggest you to prefer SHAMS Free zone, AJMAN Free zone or RAK Free zone. The disadvantage with RAK Free zone and Umm al Quain Free zone when compared with other freezones is that it requires security approval. For more details on setting up your company in Northern Emirate, Contact us on, Phone: 0568080092    

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Opening a restaurant in Dubai can be a very good investment opportunity. However, there are some requirements for starting a business in the food industry in Dubai. SETTING UP A RESTAURANT IN DUBAI The main provisions for setting up restaurants in Dubai are encompassed in the Food Code. The Food Code was enabled in order to support restaurant owners and to provide guidelines for food safety and regulations to be respected when owning a food establishment in Dubai THE FOOD CODE IS APPLICABLE TO FOLLOWING CATEGORIES Restaurants and cafes. Canteens in hospitals and schools Bakeries Supermarkets and grocery stores Catering units Food factories OBTAINING A LICENSE FOR A RESTAURANT IN DUBAI A trade license is required from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in order to establish a restaurant in Dubai. The owner of the restaurant can select the appropriate type of business suitable for the type of food establishment that wants to open. The next step will be to receive approval for the construction plans that must be according to some specifications. These specifications are made by the Food Control Department in Dubai. The blueprints of the restaurants must comprise the following information, Space for food processing and storage Sanitary spaces such as restrooms Windows and ventilation system Location of the equipment used to process the food Entry and exit passages Location of the washing machines It is also important to know that the restaurant must be placed at minimum 30 meters from waste disposal places that could lead to contamination and at least 10 meters of the space around the restaurant must be kept clean at all times. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A FOOD LICENSE The Food Safety Department in Dubai requires the following documents to be submitted when opening a restaurant, Approval issued by the Department of Economic Development Premises layout Approval from the Planning Department, if the restaurant is located outside a shopping center FOOD SAFETY REQUIREMENTS IN DUBAI All restaurants in Dubai are required to appoint qualified personnel when starting operating. The individual carrying out this task will be the Person in Charge of Training who needs to undergo an authorized training course. In order to ensure food safety, the restaurant must also obtain the following licenses: Food consignment release license Pork permit for handling and serving pork products Vehicle permit for transporting food products. The site for opening a restaurant must, first of all, be appropriate for a food establishment and provide enough and suitable space for the equipment to be used for this type of activity. The building must allow the place to be cleaned and to make possible the disposal of dirt and smoke to be evacuated easily. The building must not provide any entries for pests. The food flow must go in one direction only. The utensils used to prepare the food must be provided with an enclosed space so they are not exposed to contamination. Toilets and storage areas must be separated from kitchens.   Fore more details on setting up a restaurant in Dubai, Contact us on, Contact:971 568080092    

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January 24, 2018 - 01:35 AM


Consumers can check the authenticity of tax invoices and ensure that the merchants and service providers issuing them are registered with the FTA. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched a Tax Registration Number (TRN) verification service on its website. The VAT calculator allows consumers and service recipients to instantly calculate the Value Added Tax (VAT) due on their purchases of goods or services. This, in turn, makes it possible for the public to remain aware of their rights and ensures full transparency. The new services were introduced as a part of the Authority's efforts to protect consumers and prevent any attempts at price manipulation as the UAE tax system goes into effect. These services support and facilitate the Authority's efforts to monitor markets in collaboration with relevant authorities and stakeholders. The consumers can enter the TRN on their invoice on the TRN verification section in the FTA website. If the number is correct, the website will display the company's name in English and Arabic. If the company is not registered in the tax system, the number entered will not yield results The VAT Calculator is designed to be easy to use, and will be available in the FTA website. Once accessed, the page displays a box where the price excluding VAT can be entered, upon which the calculator will display the total tax amount and the total price including VAT. Users can alternatively enter the full price (including VAT), where the calculator would display the original pre-tax price, as well as the tax amount.    

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January 15, 2018 - 01:05 AM


GETTING PASSPORT AND VISA FOR YOUR BABY IN UAE Registering your baby’s birth and getting its passport and visa are easy.  The process involves BIRTH NOTIFICATION Once your child has been born, the hospital will alert the Health Authority. They will enter all the relevant details online and wait for the Health Authority to return the paperwork. This can take between 24 and 48 hours. Once the documents from the Health Authority have been sent to the hospital, they will be issued to the parents. There are no fees owed to the hospital for this. IMMUNISATION BOOK This will be issued by the hospital. This can be used to get a temporary health card for the baby to undergo all the necessary vaccination. BIRTH CERTIFICATE The process for the birth certificate must be completed within 30 days of the baby is born. The birth certificate is issued by the Ministry of health in Arabic.  It can then be issued in English as well at the same time. Both copies will also require attestation from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs as well.  Documents Required Attested and translated marriage certificate          Original + Copy Father’s Passport, Visa, Emirates ID                     Original + Copy Mother’s Passport, Visa, Emirates ID                    Original + Copy Birth notification from the hospital Discharge summary from the hospital Submit all of the above documents to the Ministry of Health and Prevention to issue a birth certificate. The birth certificate issued will be in Arabic, but you can get it printed in English. Each copy of the birth certificate will cost AED 50. ATTESTATION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE You must then get both Arabic and English copies of the birth certificate attested at any Tasheel department across the UAE. The attestation will cost you AED 150. INFROM YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER Birth of your child should be informed to the health insurance provider within 30 days of birth. A fine of AED 100 will be charged upon no notification to the insurance provider. PASSPORT PROCESSING The passport and visa of the child has to be get done in 120 days of child birth. The child will adopt the nationality of his father if mother and father are two different nationalities The documents required for visa and emirates id Visa application form as prepared by the typing office Original and a copy of the newborn's attested birth certificate Newborn's passport Three passport sized photos of the newborn Original and a copy of the attested marriage certificate Passport copy of the sponsor Copy of an employment contract for the sponsor or a salary certificate Tenancy Contract registered through the Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) Fee (which varies) FEE BREAKDOWN Birth Certificate (Arabic) AED 50 (Per copy) Birth Certificate (English)  AED 50 (Per copy) Tasheel Attestation Fee  AED 150 Health Card         AED 110 Visa Fee  AED250 Passport     Varies MOH Attestation    AED20                

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January 11, 2018 - 12:13 AM


TWENTY FREE ZONES ARE EXEMPTED FROM TAX The 20 designated free zones are exempt from VAT. The designated zones are special zones for VAT purposes, which are generally considered outside of the UAE in terms of value-added taxation. While VAT applies throughout the UAE, in the designated 20 free zones VAT generally does not apply. The selected 20 free zones from 45 free zones in the country qualifies for transfer of goods between them not be subject to tax. As expected, important free zones such as Jafza, Dafza and Kizad are on the list. According to tax experts, acquisition of goods within a designated zone for incorporation into another unconsumed good located within the same designated zone will not be subject to UAE. Goods may also be transferred between Designated Zones without being subject to tax if the goods are not used or altered during the transfer process. FREE ZONES WHICH ARE EXEMPT FROM VAT Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ) Dubai Textile City Free Zone Area in Al Quoz Free Zone Area in Al Qusais Dubai Aviation City Dubai Airport Free Zone Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone of Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone Khalifa Industrial Zone Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Ajman Ajman Free Zone Umm Al Quwain Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone in Ahmed Bin Rashid Port Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road Ras Al Khaimah RAK Free Trade Zone RAK Maritime City Free Zone RAK Airport Free Zone Fujairah Fujairah Free Zone Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ)  

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January 09, 2018 - 02:33 AM


Good Conduct Certificates (also called Police Clearance Certificates) can be obtained from Dubai Police for citizens and residents inside the UAE as per the following procedure. Certificates of Good conduct is to certify that you have a clear record and fall under a category of ‘good resident’ in UAE. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR POLICE CLEARANCE Emirates ID Original + Copy Passport-size photographs Passport Original + Copy HOW TO APPLY FOR POLICE CLERANCE CERTIFICATE IN DUBAI In Dubai, the certificate can be applied either through the Dubai Police website or its app. To apply through the website. You will need to access your user profile through MYID link or apply directly by completing the form. The service fee to obtain the clearance certificate for a UAE National is AED 100 whereas for residents it is AED 200. If you are applying it from outside the country, the fee is AED 300 FEE FOR APPLICANTS RESIDING IN UAE Good Conduct Certificate AED 50 by e-Dirham or visa card AED 15 as Empost charge Good Conduct Certificate on Urgent basis            AED 200 By e-Dirham   HOW TO APPLY FOR POLICE CLEARANCE IN ABU DHABI To obtain the police clearance certificate in Abu Dhabi, You can submit the application along with the required documents at the customer service section in the police station. You can pay the fees by e-Dirham or visa card and receive the certificate by Empost. APPLYING FOR POLICE CLEARANCE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY: To apply from police clearance certificate in UAE from another country, you will need to get fingerprints taken at any police station within the country of residence and will have to attest the fingerprint card by the UAE embassy in the country of residence. Upon attestation you can send the application along with the required documents to the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Fingerprint card approved by the UAE or any GCC council One passport-sized photograph Copy of passport Letter requesting the certificate Copy of residency visa is needed in case the applicant is outside the country. The application can be done through the Dubai Police GHQ website. THE FEE FOR APPLYING FROM OUTSIDE UAE. Good conduct certificate AED 53 Translation to English AED 100 Accreditation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs AED 300 Accreditation by the Ministry of Interior AED 50  Empost charge  AED 30   The UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced last year that residents may apply for the certificate through the Ministry’s website and their smartphone application, UAE-MOI. The Police Clearance Certificate can also be downloaded through the UAE-MOI application via smartphone, or printed via the ministry’s website. An application for electronic Police Clearance Certificate in Arabic costs AED 50, and certificates in English cost AED 100. An additional AED 13 are charged for the certificate to be delivered by Email.        

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January 04, 2018 - 01:25 AM


WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING AND HOW IT HEPLS SME’S The smooth running of a business is depended on the fund investment into the business. The flow of the money into the business is necessary for survival and growth. SME contribute nearly 60% of UAEs GDP and is expected to grow to 70% by 2021. The SME sector in the country is facing challenges to raise funds after some conventional banks in the country made huge provisions in the recent past and approximately 50-70 % of the SME’s funding applications get rejected by the conventional banks in UAE. The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has introduced new regulations that will help small and medium enterprises and start-ups to raise funds through crowdfunding. WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together. CROWDFUNDING IN UAE The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has introduced new regulations that will help SMEs to raise funds through crowdfunding. The introduction of the regulation intends to license, organize and protect the rights and obligations of all parties involved in specific crowdfunding activities which provide finance solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE. TYPES OF CROWDFUNDING 1.Donation based crowdfunding This type of campaign has no financial return for the investor. A donation-based crowdfunding is commonly used for charities, nonprofits, arts and medical emergencies. 2. Reward based crowdfunding Rewards-based crowdfunding is the most common type of crowdfunding option available. This type of crowdfunding involves setting varying levels of rewards that correspond to pledge amounts. A standard rewards campaign offers at least three levels of pledges/rewards 3. Equity based crowdfunding Equity crowdfunding is the exchange of actual shares in a private company for capital. In this form of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can set investor caps, minimum pledge amounts, etc. as well as approve or deny investors who wish to view their business documents. As new businesses are booming every day in UAE Danburite Corporate  provides advanced services for your business. Our consultants and services are best in the industry and we provide the best for your business. To know more about the services, kindly reach out to our consultants at        

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January 03, 2018 - 03:24 AM


UAE encourages the establishment of new companies. Setting up an offshore company is the best option when you want to keep your assets under low tax and confidential. Despite of taxation and confidentiality, UAE offshore has many more advantages. ADVANTAGES OF SETTING UP AN OFFSHORE COMPANY IN UAE Tax minimization The foremost and main reason for setting up an offshore company is that registering an offshore company can legally minimize the tax obligations of a business. The Non-resident companies are often tax exempt or enjoy low levels of taxation depending upon the country. Confidentiality The non-resident companies are not required to publish financial information or the details of directors and shareholders. Most offshore financial jurisdictions will not reveal any of this information to any third party unless criminal or terrorist activities are suspected. Thus it increase the confidentiality of the company. For added confidentiality, you can choose someone else as your nominee shareholder and have this nominee give you a power of attorney. Reduced administration The directors or officers of an offshore company have less legal obligations. The requirement for physical office can be overcome with cost-effective virtual office services. Banking provisions The offshore companies can open their bank accounts in UAE to create a safe and seamless window for the financial transfers to and from all over the world. Lower set up and maintenance costs The procedures for setting up an offshore company can be relatively fast and simple. Both the establishment and maintenance of an offshore company have lower costs when compared. Lower capital requirement Setting up an offshore company requires less capital. Asset protection For those with international business interests, an offshore company can be valuable as a vehicle for holding assets such as intellectual property or real estate investments. You can choose from 3 offshore company formation jurisdiction options: Offshore company formation Dubai Offshore company formation Ras Al Khaimah Offshore company formation Ajman              

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January 02, 2018 - 02:47 AM


Which is the best offshore jurisdiction in UAE? Considering the prestige, name and procedure, and legal coverage, the outstanding will always be Dubai offshore. In terms of cost, probably you will get an answer as Ajman as the best free zone. The Major offshores in UAE Dubai offshore RAK offshore Ajman offshore The cost of Dubai offshore The Dubai offshore company set up cost is different but essentially the cost at government is approximately 10500 AED. Dubai offshore always helps you to buy properties in Dubai, and can sell properties in Dubai and can manage properties in Dubai. In order to cover the procedure, the essential documents they look is passport of the investor and Resume from both directors (2 directors are mandatory), however an address proof is a mandatory too. The duration of the process includes the security approval and which might take up to 14 days. The cost of RAK offshore The cost of RAK offshore company set up will be approximately AED 2500 at government. The procedure to set up the company in RAK requires certain documentations including, resume, proof of address, copy of passport etc. along with your proof of arrival or notarized documents back in home country. In terms of time frame, it takes as they want due to own procedures and set ups. The cost of Ajman offshore The cost of Ajman offshore will be AED 3010 to incorporate at Government. However, there are so many other requirements such as documentations for the company set up in Ajman offshore. The comparative advantage of the offshore company All the offshore companies can open bank account, but JAFZA or Dubai offshore requires the physical presence of the directors while others are not required so. The time frame to open the bank account for the company will be depending on the credentials of the individuals or shareholders.            

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December 30, 2017 - 03:34 AM


Entrepreneurs across the world are attracted to setting up and running their businesses in the UAE – even those who prefer not to relocate to the Gulf. It’s a perfectly positioned trading gateway: east to west; north to south. The UAE market is moneyed and advanced with smart and switched-on digital and physical infrastructures. UAE introduces at just 5% rate and it will be much lower than most world trading centers. Business Registration To register in a free zone or register on the mainland. Your decision will set the path and the limits of your company from day one. Choosing between Free zone and Main land Registering in a free zone or offshore certainly provides some short-term advantages. But depending on your company’s activity, the mainland may offer more in the long term. The registration process for free zones doesn’t require a sponsor and the free zone companies can’t do direct business inside the UAE – they can only trade within their zone or beyond the national border Mainland-registered companies, on the other hand, can set up their business anywhere in the UAE and also they can conduct business inside and outside the country and they can have access to the high caliber UAE market Share percentage in a Mainland Company Foreign investors cannot own more than 49% of a company in the UAE mainland. Mainland companies are required to have a local sponsor which is mandatory and who will have 51% ownership in the company.  And the fact that free zone companies can be 100% foreign-owned is one reason why free zone setup seems appealing. But the local sponsor doesn’t assume actual ownership. Sponsors are remunerated outside of the share structure so ownership isn’t affected and you retain complete control. Setting up in the mainland is straightforward and highly advantageous for remote entrepreneurs. The process If it really isn’t physically possible, you can prepare a Power of Attorney (POA) appointing a person to sign on your behalf. But in this event, if the POA has been prepared outside the UAE, it needs to be translated into Arabic, legally certified by the UAE embassy in your home country and then attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Depending on the make-up of your board you may also need to provide additional documentation such as a certificate of incorporation, a copy of the board resolution approving the LLC, and copies of other shareholders’ passports and visas. Your sponsor will guide you on the details of these processes. The cost of Business setup Getting a business license in the UAE involves much less hassle than in some Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries. The cost will depend on the registered location of your business: Dubai is more expensive than UAE emirates. So when your new LLC receives its license, you’re ready to open a corporate bank account and set up anywhere in the UAE mainland. From there, you get immediate access to the UAE market from the comfort of your home. How DANBURITE CORPORATE helps with your business setup. We help you to identify the right structure of your business We suggest you the important points to be considered We prepare the cost benefit analysis of your business proposal We set the procedures and assign the PRO for executing the jobs We help you to identify a reliable local sponsor, if required We do work on third party approvals, if required We do take care external jobs related to the formation of the company such as legal translations, attestation of documents, POA’s etc, We incorporate the company in the given time frame      

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December 27, 2017 - 01:12 AM


As per the new laws and regulations, it is mandatory that every employees and other individuals who are resident in UAE should have insurance protection. Danburite Corporate is associated with major insurance companies and we get employment health insurance and insurance for investors, partners and family in affordable budget. And also the insurance policies must be linked with immigration so that the visas gets approved. Insurance in Dubai We make it easier and affordable to get the Employment Health Insurance, Insurance for partners and Investors and also Family Insurance in the Emirate of Dubai as we are associated with the Major insurance companies in Dubai. Insurance in other emirates We make it easier and affordable to get the Employment Health Insurance, Insurance for partners and Investors and also Family Insurance in the Emirate of Dubai as we are associated with the Major insurance companies in Dubai and other emirates. For more details please contact us on, Contact:00971568080092        

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December 23, 2017 - 01:36 AM


Dubai has announced its plan to be “ The world’s first Block chain powered government”, with a plan to be 100% on  block chain by 2020. The block chain technology which is going to be implemented in Dubai will remove all the middlemen like lawyers, accountants, bankers, immigration officers and government officials by the year of 2020. The first public and decentralized blockchain in the Arabic world, ArabianChain is moving Dubai government’s paperwork onto the blockchain, which doesn’t need lawyers and government departments for verification. The Dubai Land Department has launched a blockchain system to record all real estate contracts and record all property-related transactions such as rental, utility and telecom bills. ObjectTech will provide digital passports and block chain security to Dubai International Airport to deliver seamless entry and exit from the country. Dubai has launched its block chain based crypto currency called emcash, for the citizens to pay for all services via digital cash. Blockchain smart contracts and crypto-currency track all transactions that take place with any agreement or transferable asset. That means the end-point of Dubai’s blockchain adoption is that there will be no further need for the middlemen in our day-to-day transactions. No more lawyers. No more accountants. No more bankers. No more immigration officers. No more government officials. Danburite’s role Being the leading business consultants, Danburite will be able to help our clients fill the gap of presence in departments for business registration, company restructuring, and to provide timely legal advises on various matters. However the emergence of new technologies will ease the process of business registration. We have still some systems in force by which an investor can take his license in Dubai within 5 minutes without any tenancy contract and ejari. The system implementation will help the business consultants and management consultants to provide apt solution through one window operation to have value added result on all business aspects.                  

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December 21, 2017 - 03:03 AM


The UAE government has confirmed that from January 1, 2018. The residents and visitors to the UAE will be liable to Value Added Tax (VAT). Once the VAT implements, all the returns should be submitted on a regular basis. The duration for filing a VAT return is likely to be three months. The registered businesses can file their VAT returns through the online portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). WHAT IS VAT RETURN AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT The VAT return is the formal document or statement of the VAT liability of a taxpayer for a particular tax period. It contains the details of VAT liability of the person, tax paid by him, etc. for a tax month or quarter. The tax returns contains the records of the tax paid by the users in the time period. It is a formal document that can be used as a proof that certain party has paid their Tax. The government needs the records to maintain a proper taxation system and is used by the tax authorities for performing auditing and other activities as per the UAE tax laws. The VAT return contains the summary of total earning and the tax paid on that earnings for the particular period of time. WHEN AND HOW SHOULD VAT RETURNS BE FILED Each eligible individual and business will be required to register on the portal and file their tax returns as per the schedule. The duration for filing a VAT return is likely to be three months. The registered businesses can file their VAT returns through the online portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). It is important to file VAT returns on time in order to keep good accounts with the authorities and to run a business properly. A VAT registered firm should file regular tax returns, even if the Company have not done any business or paid tax in a given period. OUR SERVICES FOR TAX PAYERS Accounts analysis Accounting and book keeping services Tax assessment report Audited financials Submission of accounts documents to Federal Tax Authority        

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November 29, 2017 - 12:58 AM


The impact of VAT implementations in UAE The consumer prices inflation is the direct effect, however. Tax is a mechanism to improve the quality and standard of services to the public folk through different measures by government. UAE focus only or a minor amount tax to be implemented but the list of exempted items from tax is not declared by the Federal government. The cost of free zone company formation The cost of company formation will affect in different way such as 5% being taxed on all leased property regardless in free zone, local market or smart offices. The lease of smart offices, smart desk and E offices are affected the the taxation. Any company have office outside the free zone will have to pay 5% VAT towards their office rent or warehouse rents. Immigration fee Immigration and other government department fee are increased due to the VAT implementations. A slight variation is occurred for all companies in free zone based immigration services. Telecom TAX Tele-com industry is also going to be affected with effect from 1st January 2018 onward in terms of its cost of calls. This will make an impact in the initial phase but considerably ignorable. Automobile industry Automobile industry might get affected due to the implementation of tax. The percentage of tax will be affected, for example a car costs one million need to make a TAX of 50,000 AED is a massive difference. Other industries There are issues to be sorted and federal government has not declared officially the list of items to be included for tax and exemptions list. However, we expect to have good range products and services are going to be affected by the implementation of tax in the country. Danburite Corporate provides comprehensive solutions for all your accounts related requirements as a trusted partner.  For queries please email us @

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November 01, 2017 - 03:08 AM


How to get a green card or citizenship in United States of America? There are multiple programme available to go to unites states of America and settled to have a high standard of living. Many people from different part of the world are looking for the opportunities to work, study and settle in the US. We, at Danburite can assist you to have a valid business set up in the country and which provides you support to apply for EB-5 investor visas. The benefits of the programmes are:- Permanent residency for the investors, their spouse and children under 21 years old. Passive investment opportunity No business experience is required No language barrier  Freedom to work, study and retire US citizenship or passport available after 5 years of investments. The process The initial programme is based on the qualifications. Our immigration attorneys will review your applications to determine the qualifications. The business category visas will help you to invest in the United States and create jobs for the US citizens for 2 years and which will be the basis of your qualification. We are arranging multiple other visa options such as L-1, E-2 visa and B1 & B2 Visas. Please contact us for more information regarding the same. We are also assist you to source passport/citizenship of many other countries which allows you to travel across the European union, Schengen area etc. Please feel free to contact us on, Contact - +971 568080092          

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October 31, 2017 - 12:26 AM


VAT REGISTRATION IN UAE The last date of VAT enrollment is on 4th of December without fine. We are more than happy to assist you in this regard. A company whose turnover is mover than 375,000 an year is required to register. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UAE VAT REGISTRATION. Trade License Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Certificate (as applicable) Articles of Association/ Partnership Agreement or any other document showing ownership information about the business Copy of Passport and Emirates ID of all Owners Details of manager Copy of Passport and Emirates ID of the Manager Physical office location of the Business Contact details Bank Account details List other business(es) of the directors/ partners in UAE in last five years along with their Trade License copies Declaration about Business activities of the applicantActual or estimated financial transaction values  Turnover in last 12 months with supporting documents Details about expected turnover in next 30 days Details about expected exempt supplies Imports and Exports  GCC activities of the Business Details about Customs registration information        Please feel free to contact us for any assistance  Email :, Contact: 0568080092

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October 02, 2017 - 01:28 AM


Wind up the company (liquidation) There is free zone, offshore and mainland companies available. There are multiple ways to close the company although it become inactive over a period of time. We recommend to wind up the company if which is not in use for avoiding complications in the future. When to close the company? The company can close any time but which will not be waived from fee’s to government. If company holds any visa, it is required to cancel in order to complete the process of cancellation or liquidation of the company. We recommend to cancel or renew the company on its expiry if the company has visas linked in it, to avoid legal proceedings by the government. This is purely part of social security measures. Who can cancel the company? Preferably an experienced business consultant can liquidate or wind up the company. A consultant will normally appoint a registered liquidator to finalize the formalities followed by the news paper advertisement. What is the fee of a liquidator? The fee of the liquidator is decided on the volume of the works to be executed. A free zone company will have minimum requirements of an auditor but a company in the mainland has got vast requirements and additional fee to be charged. However, it can be negotiated and Danburite has a division to take care of your liquidation matters. What is the duration of a company liquidation? The maximum it takes 45 to 50 days if other requirements and formalities are executed on time. A free zone will have one window solution to close the company whereas the mainland company have its clearances from multiple departments which are in various locations. Does an offshore company require to close, if not active? The offshore company automatically gets strike off from the system if it is inactive over a period of time. Since the visas are not linked with the company it is not important to bother about this solution. What is the fee of winding up the company? Dubai DED charges 5030 AED as the cancellation fee. Sharjah Airport Free zone charges 5800 AED, Dubai South charges 8600 AED etc.      

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September 25, 2017 - 02:36 AM


What is the cost of trade mark Registration in UAE? The trade mark or intellectual property rights are considered as the integral part of any organization when it comes as a matter of dignity.  Danburite provides comprehensive legal solution to get your trade mark registered in UAE or worldwide. We have got a large network to support or trade mark related needs for our clients across the globe. The cost of break down of Trade mark registration in UAE 1)-Trademark search -AED-503/- 2)-Legal Translation of the meaning of the logo    and other documents in Arabic per page -AED 70/- 3)-Filing trademark application -AED 1003/- 4)-Publication in the official gazette-AED 1003/- 5)-Publication in the two local newspapers AED 1200/-  6)-Registration fee AED 10003/-  Where to register the trade mark? The trade mark is being registered in the respective ministry of economy and start with initial process of trade mark start with trade name search. How long does the trade mark take to get registered? The duration of trade mark registration may take up to 6 months or more depending on the availability, similar marks etc.   Can an individual do the registration? A registered attorney is required to do the same. A company or an individual can do the trade mark registration.        

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September 24, 2017 - 05:06 AM


How VAT affect the companies in UAE ? The UAE government has announced to introduce Value added Tax (VAT) from January 1,2018. The VAT scheme is expected to impose 5% of tax on most goods and services. The VAT will be applicable on most goods and services that are bought and sold, Education, healthcare and basic food items will be an exception. Consumers will primarily shoulder the added cost and businesses will collect and report the associated VAT charges, together with their revenues and expenditures. In essence, businesses will act as tax collectors for the government. The Value Added Tax (VAT) programme is only applicable to businesses that meet a particular minimum annual revenue. Small businesses that do not meet this minimum annual turnover will not be required to register for VAT system, as well as businesses providing goods and services that are not covered by the added tax. VAT-registered businesses are mandated to document all their financial transactions and maintain accurate and updated records. A VAT-registered business should:             Apply VAT on all taxable goods and services it provides             Update and maintain its financial records, which will be checked by the government to                  ensure full compliance and accuracy             Reclaim VAT charges it spent on business-related goods and services, if applicable             Report VAT charges it made and paid to the government Businesses that think they should be excluded from VAT are advised to document and maintain their financial transactions to enable the government to determine if they should be registered or not. What Danburite Can do ? We have a team set up for analyzing your tax related needs and can guide you through a proper direction to deal with it. Our associates and staff are well trained to tackle your needs related to VAT. 

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September 16, 2017 - 04:33 AM


Bank account in Dubai for offshore company Offshore company set up As a registered agent in major offshore jurisdictions, we can assist our clients to have their bank accounts in a hassle free way. The offshore jurisdiction will not be a matter while an investor is looking for the bank account since all offshore companies have privileges equally. How to chose an offshore company? The selection of jurisdiction is depending on the purpose the transactions. For example, an investor wishes to purchase some property under the name of a company registered in RAK free zone, in Dubai will not help him do that as which needs the company registered in Dubai. We have expert consultants to guide you and support you extensively to take right decision on right time. The bank account for offshore company All major banks support the clients to have their bank account provided the right documentations on time. We at Danburite provide extensive support to have their bank account within minimum time frame. The cost of setting up the bank account There is no cost involved for the process of bank account opening. What are the documents required to open the bank account? The documents required to open the bank account are passport copies, personal bank statements, KYC forms filled, CV, and company documents. What is the Minimum balance required for the bank? The minimum and average balance required for the bank is varied from bank to bank. However an amount of 10,000 AED is for some banks. 

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June 16, 2017 - 04:22 AM


Difference between Dubai and Sharjah company set up cost and more Office Rent in Sharjah and Dubai The major difference between Dubai and Sharjah company set up is the office rent. Sharjah has numerous office facility at affordable costs for any business. That will help the new start ups to have their base in some low budgeted areas. However, Dubai has more options to customize their style of offices such as, shared office, smart office, legally approved virtual offices etc. Cost of License in Sharjah and Dubai The cost of license in Sharjah is 13% of the rent and other supplementary costs. However, as an expert consultant we have not seen major differences in the total cost except rent. That is the reason people are hesitant to move to Sharjah while Dubai has more options to customize how an investor needs to be. Trade Name in Sharjah and Dubai Sharjah promotes only Arabic Trade Names but in Dubai, you can use trade name in any language. Process of company set up in Sharjah and Dubai The process is entirely different from one emirates to another. The major issue is to sort out the third party approvals if required, in Sharjah but in Dubai they are all good. Professional fee to set up a company in Dubai and Sharjah The professional fee in each emirate are different based on the nature and complexity of works to be undertaken. Call us for a free quote or write us 

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June 11, 2017 - 05:44 AM


2020 EXPO ORIENTED BOOMING BUSINESS SEGMENTS HOSPITALITY The hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing business industry in Dubai. The first class life style and tourism attracts millions of people to Dubai. The Hotels, Restaurants and holiday homes are trying to meet the world class standard they are one of the fastest growing industry in Dubai. TRADING COMPANIES Dubai is one of the main trading hub between Europe, Africa, Asia and Mina region. The seaport, dry port and airport adds more chances to the trading business sector. The most privileged form of company is a LLC, which is being registered in the main land of any emirates. HEALTHCARE AND FITNESS The people in UAE are becoming more health conscious these days. This tend to the increase in demand for the professional healthcare services and fitness centers. Health and fitness is another profitable business sector in Dubai. If you are a professional looking forward to start a business in health and fitness sector, probably Dubai is the good option. TOURISM Dubai is flooded with tourists. The mind blowing views and the mouth watering Arabian tastes attracts tourists from all over the world to Dubai. Setting up of new tourism companies who can help the visitors assisting while their trip for choosing the best hotels, transports, place visits, bookings can be a good idea. While the residents also choose tourist companies for outbound tourism with better packages. So no doubt, Tourism is always a good business in Dubai. CONSTRUCTION Dubai is world famous for its iconic buildings, towers and skyscrapers. Dubai amaze the world with its rapid growth day by day. With the flow of millions of people to Dubai yearly, new buildings are getting erected daily. It opens a huge door of opportunities for those who are into construction sector. Investors can setup business that manufacture or sell the materials used in building and construction. EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS Dubai is famous for its events and exhibitions. A large number of business events, fashion events and exhibitions are happening in Dubai daily. Dubai is famous for its nightlife. Music concerts and entertainments shows are key of Dubai’s night life. Event management companies takes up the whole responsibility of such events and coordinate throughout. Event Management companies has got so much to do in Dubai. It’s a good business to try out.        

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May 21, 2017 - 11:35 PM


Starting a business in the UAE should not take you more than a week once you've sorted all your legal procedures. But before you start your legal formalities, you need to consider some elements required. Nature of business Local individuals or foreign investors interested in establishing a business presence in the UAE market must determine their appropriate business ownership desired for their venture. The license requirement will depend upon the type of business you are going to set up. The business license falls into commercial, professional and industrial categories and it defines your operations. There are different types of business structures in UAE. Establishment or Solo Proprietorship, General Partnership Company, Limited Partnership Company, Joint Participation, Public Joint Stock Company, Private Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Partnership limited with Shares. The Department of Economic Development (DED) has list of over 2100 activities you can choose from according to the nature of business. Ownership If you need to operate locally, You have to get a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED license comes with certain restrictions on share of ownership of foreign nationals. The law requires that you should have a local partner who holds the majority interest. The partner will own 51% of the company. The local partner doesn’t need to contribute to the start- up investment or participate financially at all. If you'd like 100 per cent ownership of your company, you need to opt for a license and location in one of the many free zones of the UAE. There are specific kinds of activities that each free zone has, You can choose according to the nature of your business. There are 45 freezone in UAE. Legal formalities Depending on your location and type of business, there are rules regarding the make-up of your firm. For example, if you plan on a legal consultancy firm, this can be done only as a branch of company or as a stand-alone company. A sole proprietor is not allowed to take up this activity. Each free zone has its own restrictions regarding company structure and you can look these up on the official website of the zone Trade name Your trade name is a very important part of the legal procedure. The company name should ideally indicate the nature of business, unless it is a branch of another company Share Capital The share capital is the amount of money each shareholder or founder of a company contributes with when setting up a company. Minimum share capital is usually set out in the Memorandum of Association of your proposed company. In most cases, you do not need to pay minimum capital at the time of setting up.   Office location Location isn’t simply about where you would like to set up an office, shop, or factory but more about licensing jurisdiction. There are a number of options available, from onshore, licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in each emirate, to a growing number of free zones, often themed around particular industries or segments. Some licensing authorities allow you to set up as a freelancer or professional services provider. Others will limit your scope of activities so if you plan to expand your services in the future, make sure you are licensed in a zone or authority that allows you to do so. Employees       In most legal forms of the DED, you need to hire a manager to oversee operations and have him ready to be on board before your registration is approved. But in other cases, you may not be allowed to hire at all. For example, Intelaq license holders (license for home-based Emirati business owners) are not allowed to hire staff, but can engage contractors. For free zones, each zone has its own specific regulations regarding the structure of business. Local Support For DED licenses, it is mandatory to have a local agent, partner or sponsor and this is a great support for foreign nationals.  For free zones, having a local contact can help take the business forward effectively. However, this is not mandatory and Dubai as a business destination boasts easy set-up for all businessmen regardless of nationality.  

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May 21, 2017 - 05:11 AM


The formalities involved in opening a bank account in Dubai are quite stringent and involve a considerable amount of paperwork. Bank Accounts for Resident visa holders (employees) of Dubai A worker's dependants (e.g. wife and family) can open an account with his permission, as he's in effect their sponsor Documents Required Passport with residency ( Original and Copy) Emirates ID Signed applicaiton forms Bank Accounts for Non Residents of Dubai Most banks in the UAE allow non-residents to open only a Savings Account and not a Current Account. So you won’t be able to ask for a Cheque Book however, you will be given a debit card to withdraw money. As a non-resident, you will be subject to a minimum and/or maximum balance. It is possible that a bank will decide to run background checks before allowing you to open a bank account. Documents Required Original passport for verification 6 month bank statements of the existing bank account Features of Bank account Free International ATM/Debit Card 24-hour ATM Access to your account over the phone and online Access to branch ATM networks and bill payment facilities. Who Can Get a Credit Card To get a credit card, you must have a monthly salary of at least Dh5000 (annual salary of Dh 60,000). If you don’t meet this requirement then you can put down a Dh 60,000 deposit. However the criterias are varied from bank to bank Car Loans You can only apply for a car loan to cover 80 per cent of the cost of your car. The final 20 per cent has to be covered by your deposit. The maximum repayment period is 60 months, or five years. But for a second-hand car, Three years is the maximum repayment period. Personal Loans If you want to apply for a personal loan from a bank, the maximum amount you are allowed is 20 times your monthly salary. The maximum repayment period is 48 months, or four years.

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