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Starting a business in Dubai can be a great move. With its strategic location, growing economy, and business-friendly environment, Dubai is a prime choice for entrepreneurs and companies. Danburite Co

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Starting a business in the UAE can be challenging but with the right help, it can be very rewarding. Danburite Corporate is here to provide top-notch business setup services. We help entrepreneurs and

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When contemplating the establishment of a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you are presented with three primary choices: Offshore, Free Zone, and Mainland. Each of these options comes with

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A Dubai Mainland company is established in central commercial areas under the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This allows diverse commercial activities in the city's core business

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Business setup consultants in dubai

Considering setting up and operating a business from the UAE? That’s a great idea given the upbeat economic environment, ease of doing business, easy and quick company incorporations, high profitability and tax benefits available here. However, the business formation in UAE is a tedious task with many layers to it. Choosing the right jurisdiction and licenses, putting together documents, accessing lines of credit and initiating the visa process – there’s a lot of spadework involved. You need a helping hand to navigate the setup process and run a successful business.

Danburite Corp is that helping hand, ready to walk you through the entire setup process and beyond. We are licensed business setup consultants in UAE, registered under the Department of Economic Development. We are channel partners of free zones and offshore jurisdictions, as well as banks and government authorities. Over the years, we have grown exponentially, acquiring global execution capabilities, client loyalty and referral business. Together with a terrific track record, we are the preferred partner for company formation and management.

Danburite Corp is here to delight you with quality services, dedicated support and competitive pricing. We are a team of time-served and reliable Dubai business setup consultants, eager to pull off any assignment across any jurisdiction in the UAE. Our knowledge about the UAE business landscape and procedural compliance helps us deliver a full continuum of UAE company formation services. Whether it’s setting up a Commercial Company, Free Zone Company or an Industrial Company, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Approach For Business Setup in Dubai

Business incorporation in UAE involves several stages, each with its own set of complexities. The process can be problematical for any expatriate entrepreneur or investor, particularly in the lack of actionable knowledge. Danburite Corp is changing that with a three-pronged approach.

  • Service:

    Our team of business consultants in Dubai delivers the highest level of service and advice in corporate, commercial, financial, regulatory and administrative, structuring, licensing, trading and manufacturing development. Our company formation service is holistic, assisting you at each step of the way, from start to finish. It’s about placing our experience and knowledge at your disposal and creating progress for you. Plus, we offer competitive pricing to bring down the business setup in Dubai cost.

  • To each their own:

    Listen to you, evaluate your needs objectively and strategize and implement accordingly – that’s our recipe for a successful business setup in UAE. We discard the “one size fits all” concept in favour of “to each their own” approach. This way, we meet your requirements head-on and address your concerns, one at a time. Get in touch with us and let our experts tailor a unique package to your exact needs.

  • Honesty:

    For Danburite Corp, there’s no legacy as rich as honesty. We are thoroughly scrupulous in our approach, maintaining complete transparency in each aspect of the company setup in UAE. We update you throughout the process, keep your pertinent information anonymous and provide customized quote upfront and honour them at all times. Because we hate unpleasant surprises as much as you do.

Our Services For Company Setup in Dubai

Danburite Corp specializes in all aspects of company formation, management and liquidation.

Company Formation

Our UAE company formation services portfolio is vast. We interface with various government departments and ministries for fast and cost-effective company registration in UAE. We are here to simplify and fast-track labour contract creation, passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, trademarks, copyrights and certification and other vital components of the process. Secretarial service and nominee shareholder service are also provided. As we handle the most cumbersome aspects of the company formation process, you can focus on business lines.

Corporate Services

As the leading business consulting company, Danburite Corp offers a set of corporate services perfected over years of toil. We combine the best industry practices, specialized knowledge and advanced technology to ensure flawless service delivery for lasting business gains.

Financial Services:

With a team of financial experts and business consultants in Dubai, Danburite Corp offers a range of financial services to better your fiscal performance. Be it trade financing, account outsourcing or finance management, we offer it all. We put to use our extensive knowledge of market challenges and your exact finance requirements to meet your growth, expansion and cash flow objectives head-on.

Management Services:

Danburite Corp not only helps in setting up a company in Dubai, but also ensures a smooth and efficient functioning with end-to-end, technology-driven management solutions. We support all administrative, accounting and statutory work across all free zone, mainland and offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. High-quality training and professional development services are also delivered to corporate clients.

Legal Services:

As a full-service business consulting Dubai agency, we have some capable and willing litigators to safeguard your interests and keep your business legal. From intellectual property consultation for a trademark, patent and copyright, contract and legal document drafting for company formation to negotiation, representation, arbitration and litigation in the UAE courts, we keep you covered.

PRO Services:

Looking for a PRO service for guidance, document clearance, immigration, licensing, copyrights and other aspects of business setup in Dubai? Danburite Corp is your best bet. Our PRO specialists work closely with you, delivering personalized service to expedite and simplify company formations.

Why Choose Danburite Corp To Setup A Business?

Danburite Corp is the leading business consultancy services provider. Need reconfirmation? Here’s it.

  • High-quality, end-to-end business registration in UAE and corporate services

  • Competitive pricing across the board

  • Personalized assistance

  • A high percentage of repeat and referral business

  • An experienced, agile and friendly team

  • Dedicated support

Or, simply get in touch with us and know why we are special.

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